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Film Scores:
12 Angry Men
Definition Of Man
Don't Shoot I'm The Guitar Man
Combativo- Shah Productions
Detention- Foremost Entertainment
Distortion- Kaleb Nekumanesh
Heysoos- Rob Santana
Variety The Movie
Uncommitted- Movie Buff Creations
The Distance Between Us- Movie Buff Creations (2014 winner for Best Drama, International Film Festival)
Between You And Me- Paper Street Society Productions
Altercide- Tytin Productions
Taiping Adagio- John W. J. Cho
Dead Man's Hand- Elfkin Studios
2 Weeks or Less- Wicked Window Productions
The Setup- Bo Centeno
The Drama Kids- Modest Moose Productions
Walking the Edge- Horizon Films

Television Scores:
A Study In Red Trilogy
Sentient-  Presence Global Entertainment

The Charmed Life Of John Wells
Truth Is In The Groove- Becki Couch
Orphans- Dianne Becker
Elinor- Dianne Becker
The Forgotten- Erik Herrera

Short Film Projects:
Pizza Eater
In Tune
Getting Into Character
Under The Bridge- Left Foot Films
The Difference Make- Callie Cagwin
Conundrum- Rick Meyer
The Ride- Callie Cagwin
Vending- Stephen Gallagher (2016 Best Original Score Winner)
The Story of Liquid Gold- Ranadeep Battacharyya

Dwelling- Ryan Atimoyoo
Mom Scholl- Kranthi Kumar Productions
Once Again- Mfish Productions
Get Moose- Pentimento Films
Redneck Country Christmas- Elfkin Studios
Dude and the Accountant- Wicked Window Productions
At the Edge of the Labyrinth- Dane Argentieri
Spiderman & Grandma, Lara Izagirre Garizurieta
History- Motion Design Media
Revolution- Motion Design Media
One- Motion Design Media
Test Rope- 99:24 Films
Focus Goes Power Flows- 168 Hour Film Project
Retribution- Horizon Films
The Trick- 99:24 Films

How The Westons Won- R.C. Staab (co-lyricist, composer)
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King- (composer/orchestrator)
Blooms of Steel- (orchestrator)
The Lost Works Of Shakespeare- Leon Kalayjian (composer)
Society Page-
Whitney Ryan Garrity (composer, orchestrator & copyist)
VIAM The Musical-
UK based musical (orchestrator)
Biblical Times Theatre, Pigeon Forge, TN (lyricist/composer & orchestrator)
Pocket Full of Dreams- Ted Sharon Productions (lyricist/composer & orchestrator)
Moses & The Mountain of God – Biblical Times Theatre, Pigeon Forge, TN (lyricist/composer & orchestrator)
Get It Up- NYC-based musical (copyist & arranger)
Starfest- Mario Farwell Productions (copyist, arranger, music director)

South Pass- (orchestrator, copyist & music director)
Tina GirlStar- NYC-based musical under production with Olympus Theatricals
Canvas- Paul Leach (orchestrator, copyist & music director
Tom Sawyer Musical- RichMark Productions (composer, copyist & orchestrator)
Stardom (arranger, copyist & music director)
Anthropomorphic- NYC-based musical (orchestrator)
Petunia- NYC based musical (copyist)
Esther- The Dove Theatre musical
Finishing School For Boys- NYC-based musical (copyist, vocal arranger)
Cinderella- Signs of the Times Theatre Company (composer & copyist)
Song of the Trail- Oklahoma Historical Theatre (orchestrator)
A Tale To Tell- Whitney Ryan Garrity (composer, orchestrator & copyist)
Joan Of Arc- Mario Farwell (composer, orchestrator & copyist)
Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the World's Fair- Linda Oatman High (composer & copyist)
A King Is Born (in pre-production)- Juel Brown (composer)
The Pits (in pre-production)- Linda Oatman High
Flurries- Calvary Church (composer)
The Other Side of Home- UCLA Korean Culture Night (lyricist, composer, orchestrator & copyist)
Volunteer Musical- Calvary Church (lyricist & orchestrator)
My Hero- Whitney Ryan Garrity (composer, orchestrator & copyist)
Illuminate, A Christmas Light Show (composer & orchestrator)
The Christmas Factory- Calvary Church (composer & orchestrator)
Christmas Memories- Calvary Church (composer & orchestrator)
The Card 2- Calvary Church (composer & orchestrator)
The Card- Calvary Church (composer & orchestrator)

Catalog Placements:
SY-Audio (online library)
Pop-Up Music (online library)
Boomerang Music (movie trailers)

Resource Sound (UK)
AudioMicro (online library)
Ear Goo (online library)

That’s When We Are Home- Chesterfield Arts Virtual Choir 1 (Lyricist/composer, arranger, audio engineer)
Belly of the Beast- Jefferson Pinder (composer/arranger)
The Story of Christ- Original Music for Shadow Dance (producer & composer)

Other Music Projects:
Song projects for Hollywood Movie, Fearless- Mark Maine, Angelic Pictures
Song projects for Chris Hajian (NYC)
Song project for Bradstunes Music (NYC)
Song projects for Ali Skylar (NYC)
Destoyah- long-play commercial that debuted at 2014 San Diego Comic Con
Original Opening Logo Theme- Peter V. (Tokyo)
Tracks for Children’s DVD collection- Oliver Diego (Austraila)
Fantasy- Karim Elmahmoudi
Opera Project- Karim Elmahmoudi
Original Tracks for Children’s Video Project, Tuffy The Tiger- Puppetry Arts (NYC)
Numerous Orchestration/Performance Tracks & Sheet Music for Linda Haddad (NYC)
Bounce- Multiprojects
Schindler’s List Piano Theme- Pierre Holsten
Dog Days Are Over- Scott Teske
Opening Theme for- 2 Minute Drill with Kyle
Sidonia the Fair- original songs for a children's book collection by Linda Bell
Various backing tracks for Save School Music
Numerous Orchestration/Performance Tracks for Kira Shcherbakova
Theme Song for Knightingail Comic
Theme Song for Hail Columbia- Documentary
Convert's Farewell
I'm Not Alone- Seeking Forever
Composers Conference & Chamber Music Center
Albert Aguirre

Video Games:
Liane- Kaleb Nekumanesh
Go Go Armadillo- MojoBox Games
Elite vs. Freedom- Ave Media

Music Copyist Jobs:
Copyist for Ascension Worship
Copyist for ZMX Music, Inc.
Erudition Digital Ltd.- Piano renderings for a new instructional series called "Informance"
Finale work for Mindy O’Brien
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas- Bradstunes Music
Dark Waltz- Pierre Holstein
Textual Variations- Marc Irwin
Samana Music- music editor for publishing company
That Don't Impress Me Much- Pierre Holstein
An Olive Tree- Mr. Speaker
Sonic Textures- 4 movement piece for Jacob Downer
Ringtones for Bearmanormedia
Cereal Movements- Marc Irwin
Anita Fusco- Bradstunes Music

The Ultimate Arm- Paul Jacob Bashar
Oscar Promo- Grant Pichla
BORG- AJ Square Inc
Training Modules- Caterpillar, Inc.
Hail Columbia- Portrait of Progress
NX Grind- Wicked Window Productions
Creative Missions Promo
Queetles Toy Company
Doritos Commercial (UK)
Alex Meade
My Girls
Caleb's Lighthouse
Little Divas